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We race HOPRA rules & classes unless otherwise noted.


All Drivers will be classified as Pro or Sportsmen.


Each Race will start with a 5 minute round robin containing all drivers.


The round robin will be followed by Pro & Sportsmen Mains in which the top 4 from each division will race each other.  There will be a Pro and Sportsmen winner.


The Second Race will start approximately 1 hour after the first race.

HOPRA Rules Exceptions:


Spec Stock - We will run all HOPRA rules, but will allow for the use of lexan bodies, and 5.8 ohm 'hot stock' motors.


Pro Jet - Is Not a HOPRA class, but is basically Superstock minus any traction magnets, any brass rear weight in place of the traction magnets, and brass front weights sold by the chassis manufacturer. You are allowed to experiment with your own traction magnet weights, as long as they are non-magnetic.  You can change front weights from one chassis to another as long as no chassis modifications are required.

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